What do they do?

Survivor is the role that you will receive when you join British Salvation Roleplay, which breaks down into two roles: civilian or criminal. As you create your character, you can choose to be a civilian or a criminal in game, determining your lifestyle choices and how you go about your character's day-to-day life. As a civilian, you have multiple legal ways to make money to help fund your character's lifestyle, such as farming, hunting, fishing, owning a business or enrolling yourself in one of our server jobs. If you choose to be a criminal, you have multiple ways to make money, such as arms dealing, drug manufacturing/distributing, stealing and much more. If your character is a criminal, it's the Job of the Chernarus Police Department to investigate crimes and bring the criminals to justice. They are there to protect those who follow the laws and make their money legitimately.

Story Lines

With each new character you make, you have the creative freedom within the community to build and develop your storyline. It's your choice on which path you take for your character depending on their background and experiences before arriving in the Chernarus State. Embrace the unpredictable changes and challenges you may face in the state, ensuring that your character evolves and creating endless excitement and memories for us all to enjoy. Build friendships and survive. Let your imagination and creativity flow.

Last Edited: 22/06/2024

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