Server Rules

Listed below are the server rules in British Salvation Roleplay which are set to make sure that our community is a well-governed and friendly environment for our members to enjoy. Our rules are created to set a standard within our community to help our members understand what is acceptable behaviour and to protect our member's experience in British Salvation Roleplay.


Cheating or Exploiting weaknesses in the game to give an advantage to yourself or others is strictly forbidden. If a member is caught doing such things, a permanent ban will be issued immediately, without warning. This includes issues with the coding of our trader mod that allows you to sell an item multiple times, creating infinite money.


Using in-game knowledge from a previous character you have played, separate from your current character, or using information beyond your current character's knowledge is strictly forbidden and is considered metagaming. Using sources such as Discord, images, live streams, or out-of-character conversations to give your current character an advantage over someone else is an example of metagaming.


Forcing or attempting to force a player to participate in a roleplay that they are not comfortable being a part of or have not agreed to participate in is considered power gaming and is strictly forbidden. Players must be willing to participate in a roleplay scenario with others, and in-game mechanics should not be altered to suit yourself or the roleplay. Robbing players without giving them a chance to defend themselves or speak, talking louder than others to mask the defence or voice of other players or forcing a player into a situation without a fair way out is considered power gaming.

Kill on Sight

In our community, we do not kill on sight. We are a roleplay community, and to kill members on sight without interacting with them defeats the point of a roleplaying community. Please follow the Hostile Roleplay rules below for more information.

Hostile Roleplay

In BSR, we don’t KOS and follow a hostile roleplay guide instead. If your character takes part in hostile roleplay, you must consider the following information before you do:

- You must communicate verbally with the opposing party to initiate Hostile RP.

- You must have a valid in-character reason for your actions/need to participate in Hostile RP.

- Value all the lives of the characters involved. Don’t injure or kill just for the sake of it.

- Roleplay all scenes to the best of your ability and realistically based on your character’s mindset.

- Having a gun pointed at you doesn’t give you the grounds to KOS.

- If you take someone hostage, you must consider that they will need warmth, food/water and medical supplies if you plan on keeping them alive. 

- The Chernarus Police must initiate Hostile RP or have it initiated on an officer/civilians to discharge any lethal weapons. Non-lethal weapons such as a Taser, officers don’t have to initiate. One officer must initiate a Hostile RP on a scene for all officers to be engaged in Hostile RP. This also includes Specialist Firearms and CTSFO officers.

As we are a roleplaying community and our players put a lot of effort into creating and developing characters, don’t take part in Hostile RP just for the sake of it. If you are a part of Hostile RP, have faith in everyone’s abilities; they won’t just kill you and move on. With every engagement, ensure you have sufficient video evidence in case staff asks for proof. As always, when in doubt, ask us.

Explosive/Toxic Weapons

Using explosive or toxic weapons is considered as Hostile RP. If you use any item that is explosive or toxic, it must be a part of a storyline, and the use must make sense. If you use a toxic weapon that spreads toxic gas in a particular area, you must be wary of your surroundings and ensure that any unwilling participant isn't affected or killed by the gas. Check the area before you use such an item, or wait until you know it's clear. With every use, ensure you have sufficient video evidence. As always, when in doubt, ask us.

Combat Logging

Logging off from the server is strictly prohibited if you are engaged in Hostile RP. You cannot leave the game to prevent the loss of any items or to save your character's life.

New Life Rule

If you have died due to the actions of another person, naturally or intentionally and there isn't a medic available, you must create a new character. Any knowledge your previous character had, such as past experiences, friends or any other information your current character wouldn't know, should not be used as an advantage. New characters mustn't be relatives of your previous character, so you can pick up where you left off. If you have died legitimately, you cannot return to the area where you died previously for 30 minutes.

Each time that you respawn, you will be given a passport for ID purposes. Please ensure that you change your ingame name before you bind your ID to your character.

If you feel like you have been killed without an RP reason or have died due to a glitch or a cheater, record the situation and raise a support ticket to let staff handle it. In cases where staff find that you have unfairly died, you may be teleported back to your body. If we find that your death is valid, you will need to create a new character.

Value of Life

If you create a character, you must always value their life, as this can affect the quality of the roleplay. The overall goal is to keep your character alive and to create a storyline for everyone to enjoy. When in a situation where your character's life may be at risk, you should fear for their life.

Realistic Characters

Creating characters must be realistic and match the character's model. You cannot play as an 18-year-old female if your character is a male. Your characters must be realistic and appropriate to the character model you are playing.

Market Rules

The purpose of the market is for players to meet up with friends, use the traders to sell and buy items and to browse and add to the bulletin board inside the market. As a community, we should respect others and their possessions that may be left in the proximity of the different trader areas. Our markets can be found across the map, which can be visited anytime. The markets do not have a safe zone around them, so ensure that you are driving appropriately and not damaging other players, as Hostile RP cannot be initiated within these areas.

The markets that we have in our community are the following which you can find out the locations in character:
- Chernogorsk Market (Main Market)
- Supermarket
- Fishing/Boating Market
- Hunting Market
- Collectors Market
- Aircraft Market
- Black Market
We strongly urge that you keep the locations of these markets except the Cherno market to yourself when you are out of character, especially in the Discord.

For all markets except the black market trader, the following rules will apply:

- Do not steal items from other players or their vehicles. This includes fuel within the vehicle.

- No Littering, clean up after yourself.

- Leave people's vehicles alone.

- If you leave any notes containing information about a job or service or to notify everyone of a death, leave it on the bulletin board inside.

If you leave any vehicles inside the trader zone for more than 24 hours, store them in the garage by parking your vehicle inside the rectangle and using the parking meter. Any vehicles left for more than 24 hours or is considered an obstruction will be towed by the Chernarus Police Department and held until collection. If the vehicle is not collected within seven days, it will be sold.

Securing a Property (Base Building)

If you are looking for a property, you can take over any building accross the state as long as its not a police, medical, fire or military buiding. Some towns may have specific rules set by the town leadership. Before taking over a property, esure that you consult the town leadership first if there is one. To take over a property, you must follow the following rules:
- You can only block off any entrances and exits to secure the building. Don't build multiple doors inside a property for extra security.
- You cannot build a perimeter fence around a property.
- You must have a flag pole.

We don't want to see any custom bases build around the map, you can only take over pre exhisting building that are placed around the map. Tents and greenhouses can be placed outside however these must be placed within the perimeters of the poperty that you have taken over.

- If, by chance, you have been given information about a player that is or will be going to break into your property, you cannot fortify your property. Please consult the Chernarus Police Department for protection or staff if the reason why you are being targeted is against the rules.

- Please be cautious of the number of items placed inside your base, as many storage boxes can cause the server to lag. Don't hoard many storage items you don't need; instead, sell them or donate them to those in need.

If you abandon your property but wish to keep the materials, you must dismantle it yourself. If you don't want to keep the materials, leave a note to say that the property is free to take/dismantle or raise a support ticket for staff to delete it. For properties that breach the rules, the administration will contact the owner via an official note in the game or in the server announcements channel. This will require the owner to raise a support ticket or face the property being wiped.

Breaking into a Property (Base Raiding)

Breaking into a property in the state is considered as burgalry and is an arrestable offence if caught. If your character is a criminal and you wish you break into a property, you must follow the following rules:
- No glitching or exploiting, you must break into the property by breaking down the access door with a sledgehammer.
- There must be atleast 5 police officers connected to the server before you start to break in. Please check the almanac using CTRL+1 first.
- Only take items that you can carry/need. You are permitted to fill up your vehicle if you have one however you cannot leave and return with one to take more items.
- Don't drop items to intentionally despawn them.
- The use of explosive/toxic weapons to break in is strickly prohibited.
- You must notify police about the robbery as they will not be automatically notified. Please try to give them clues..

If you own a town/city and have a valid reason to evict a citizen residing in your town, you must raise a support ticket to get permission from staff. If approved, you must give the base owner a minimum of five days' notice via an in-game note with the reason for the eviction. If, after five days have passed, there has been no movement, you are free to remove the base. Items inside are free to take.

The Chernarus Police Department must have an approved search warrant to raid a base. This could be for an investigation, arrest a suspect or ascertain goods; however, the reason why the base is being raided doesn't have to be given to the base owner. If a supect has been arrested for a crime and they have left their property unlocked, officers can search the property for an assets relating to the crime without a warrant. For any warrants to go ahead, the positive ID of the address or suspect must be confirmed first.

Bases should not be robbed for fun; you must have a reason, as progress takes time and effort. Also, robbing bases may ruin storylines, so only raid if it's vital. We recommend that you ask for the staff's opinion before you break in.


Vehicles inside the game server currently have crash damage disabled due to how DayZ vehicles drive and how unpredictable they can be. Although damage is disabled, parts such as wheels can fall off, and the engine can get damaged over time by using it. All vehicles will require maintenance for them to stay pristine and roadworthy. 

As vehicles can cause the game server to lag, we have a limit as to how many vehicles you can have spawned at any given moment. Please read the following:

- All citizens can have only one vehicle spawned in at any time.

- Businesses can have up to eight vehicles spawned at any given time.

This includes land, sea or air vehicles; if the limit is reached, you have 24 hours to store the excess vehicles in the trader garage.

If you use a vehicle, we expect you to use that vehicle sensibly and realistically. We should not see players driving recklessly over hills, through water or off cliffs to save time this includes taking unsuitable vehicles off-road that shouldn't be. Your vehicle may be deleted and action taken if we see such behaviour. Even though crashing cannot damage vehicles, you can still kill players and animals outside of the vehicle.

If you die unexpectedly due to a vehicle glitch, record it and call an ambulance. If an ambulance isn't available, raise a support ticket for a staff member to assist you. Towing services are available if your vehicle becomes stuck, turned over or damaged.


If you need support in British Salvation Roleplay, please raise a support ticket. This can be found towards the bottom of our Discord server in the support category. If you make a report or have an ingame issue, please ensure that you have sufficient evidence.

Global Communication

To communicate inside of our community, you must use the ingame chat or for private messages between citizens that you meet you can use the messaging system via CTRL+4. To communicate privately with someone, you must see them in person first and share your contact, this will share details between you both. You can also report crimes and request medical assitance this way too. 

If you are to use the ingame chat for communication, please ensure that at the start of every new message that you send you add the following snippets:
- (OOC): Please use this for any information that is out of character or for things that someone should be able to see or know but cannot be seen at that moment due to the limitations 0f the game. e.g. Replying to police or medical actions/questions.
- (IC): Anything relating to in character information or actions and expressions.
- (BC): Broadcasting any public information such as active bus routes, adverts for businesses, news etc.

Please ensure that you follow these snippets when you are using the ingame chat. Information that you see in the chat for scenes that you are not within the vicinity of cannot be used as an advantage. You must be a part of the scene or can see the scene from a short distance to use this information. Any broadcasts that start with (BC) your character will know about and can be used. Do not share locations to markets except the Chernogorsk Market in the ingame chat.

Communication Radios cannot be obtained if you are not a part of a public service. This is so they have an ingame way of communicating with one another instead of typing all of the time. If you are found to be in possession of a radio, you will be arrested.

Please remember to keep all communciations concise. We shouldn't be seeing any arguements between citizens or any foul or offensive language.

Roleplaying Standards

In our community, we expect our members to undertake an decent level of realism when creating a character and starting a storyline. We don't expect everyone to be serious during roleplay and everything to go as planned. We are all human however we don't expect silliness, fail RP or any violations against the rules. Understand your boundaries and what is acceptable and what's not.

As you roleplay a character you have created, you should understand their mentality and how they act in certain situations or in general. This all links in with your character's backstory and the storyline planned. You shouldn't change your character to fit different situations - understand the difference between your character's actions in roleplay and your actions as the player. 

All staff members in British Salvation Roleplay work voluntarily as we play and enjoy the server. All staff members reserve the right to ban, warn, disconnect, deafen, mute or move a member if they are causing a nuisance or breaking any of our rules. We recommend that you consider if your actions acceptable before you act, as not all rules are listed.

Last Edited: 22/06/2024

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