Meet the Senior Staff





What do we do?

Our role in British Salvation Roleplay as a senior staff team is to oversee the operation to ensure that our community runs smoothly and remains operational for our members. As a senior staff team, we aim to drive the community towards milestones and achieve our key performance indicators, helping to create lasting memories for our members. As a team, we look at the conduct within the community, making sure staff are performing as they should, unruly members are dealt with appropriately, and punishments given are fair. Additionally, we oversee appeals and various applications within the community. Alongside this, we look to keep the community fresh by adding new features and voting on proposed changes in the community with support from our development teams.

How do I apply?

When applying for a senior staff position in our community, you must hold a staff role and have a tenure of at least six months. Applications for the position only get announced in our staff announcements channel in Discord. Senior staff may invite you to apply if you are currently a staff member and have at least six months of tenure. This depends on your activity, conduct and dedication to the community. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for this position.

Last Edited: 29/02/2024

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