Our reinstatement policy within British Salvation Roleplay is designed to set clear standards around leaving key positions in our community or the community altogether.

Suppose you have left our community or have stepped from a key position such as a community staff or a department position. In that case, you can retain your roles and return to the community within 48 hours. If you decide that you would like to be reinstated, you must create a support ticket in the discord, and the request will be directed to the senior staff team. If, after 48 hours, you cannot make a reinstatement request. You will be offered the next rank below if the role isn't available that you held previously. Senior staff reserve the right to refuse your reinstatement at any time, and a reason may not be given.

All reinstatements require a quick rebrief of the position and written confirmation of your role being reinstated. This also includes your acknowledgement of your role duties.


Can I be reinstated if I was kicked?
  • If you were kicked from the community, your roles will not be reinstated if you join back. If you have been kicked unintentionally, your roles will be reinstated.
Can I be reinstated if I was inactive?
  • No, if you were inactive in the community, your roles would not be reinstated. Key positions in the community have an activity requirement, and failure to meet the requirement will result in removal.
Can I be reinstated if I have moved from one key role to another?
  • Yes, if you switch between key positions in the community, you will have 48 hours to decide whether to keep your new role or return to your old one.

If you have any further questions or would like more information about our reinstatement policy, please speak to a staff member.

Last Edited: 22/06/2024

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