Discord Rules

Listed below are the Discord rules in British Salvation Roleplay, which are set to ensure that our community is a well-governed and friendly environment for our members to enjoy. Our Discord rules are separate from our game server, but some of the rules listed below are enforced in our game server. Our rules are created to set a standard within our community to help members understand acceptable behaviour in British Salvation Roleplay.

Discord Terms of Service

When using our Discord server, you must always ensure that you are following the terms of service and community guidelines set by Discord.

Community Respect

Community members have the right to be and must be respected at all times. We don't tolerate toxic members who lack respect for others. Any form of racism, homophobia, sexism or discrimination is prohibited. 

Use of Channels

Use channels for their intended purposes. For example, Send a job advertisement in General instead of the advertisements channel. Our community doesn't tolerate any NSFW content, such as gory or pornographic-related images or text. This also includes spamming or voice channel hopping.


You can speak with us if you need support from our community staff by creating a ticket. Don't privately message staff members or mention or go directly to higher-ranking members. Our community has a chain of command that everyone must follow.


Advertising within British Salvation Roleplay is prohibited. Any advertisements/invites will not be tolerated without permission from senior staff. Those who don't seek permission will face a ban from the server.

All staff members in British Salvation Roleplay work voluntarily as we play and enjoy the server. All staff members reserve the right to ban, warn, disconnect, deafen, mute or move a member if they are causing a nuisance or breaking any of our rules. We recommend that you consider your actions acceptable before you act, as not all rules are listed.

Last Edited: 22/06/2024

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