Community Change Logs

Listed below are all the recent changes that have been made to British Salvation Roleplay. All the changes will be listed below for the community to view. To view a changelog, click the arrow to expand the log for you to read. Each log will not detail everything that has been changed but will have the essential changes.

Changelog 1.1 - (Newest Release)

Changelog 1.1

Date Released: 25/01/2024

  • Revamped the Stary Trader Zone including lighting, decorations, waterpumps parking spaces and trader outfits.
  • Decoration added to the Black Market Trader.
  • Configured Discord Webhooks to the Gameserver.
Changelog 1.0

Changelog 1.0

Date Released: 4/12/2023

  • Added Stary Medical Compound.
  • Added Stary Police Compound.
  • Added Helicopter Landing Site for Emergency Services at North West Air Field.
  • Updated Player Stamina.

If you would like to suggest a change to our community, whether it's adding or removing a mod, altering loot spawns, or even adding new positions in the community or anything that helps to improve our community, Please go to our Discord server and type out your suggestion into the suggestions channel. We would also like to hear your feedback on the changes that we have made.

Last Edited: 29/02/2024

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