If you have been issued a temporary or permanent ban from British Salvation Roleplay and want to plead your innocence, click the button below, which will take you to our appeals form. All appeals will undergo a decision process whereby the senior staff team, alongside a random staff member, will review the appeal with the evidence submitted with your ban to allow us to give you a verdict. If you have already filled out an appeal form and are still awaiting a response, wait to fill out another one, as both submissions will be voided. Appeals can take up to 1 week to be processed by the senior staff team, and a response will be given ASAP.

Appeal Form

If your appeal has been denied, you can request a copy of the evidence against you. Please bare in mind that BSR reserves the right to refuse to provide evidence.


Will my appeal be reviewed if I have been banned for hacking/exploiting?
  • Yes, All appeals get reviewed, but If you have been banned for hacking, exploiting, or other cheating forms, your appeal will most likely be denied. Video evidence relating to your ban will be reviewed.
Can I fill out this form if I have been banned from Discord and not the game?
  • Yes, the appeals form is for members banned from the game and Discord.
I was banned, and my appeal was denied. Can I submit another appeal?
  • No, Don't submit another appeal if it is denied. After 30 days of your appeal being denied, you can appeal again. If you get denied from there, your access to fill out the form will be revoked.
If I was racist to another member, would my appeal be reviewed?
  • Yes, All appeals get reviewed, but If you have been banned for racism, homophobia or discrimination, your appeal will most likely be denied.

Last Edited: 29/02/2024

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