Chernarus Ambulance Service

Chernarus Ambulance Service

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What do we do?

The Chernarus Ambulance Service provide medical assistance to those in need. They respond to medical calls from survivors across the state to provide emergency aid to injured survivors and to prevent death. Our Service helps fight and prevent disease, treat fractures, and cure illnesses. Using various vehicles, The Chernarus Ambulance Service can respond to any location across the state; whether it is land, sea, or air, we will be there.

How do I apply?

You must be an active community member to apply for the Chernarus Ambulance Service. Applications will be announced during recruitment with a link to the form. Once you have filled out the application, a senior member within the department will be in contact with you once the recruitment period is over.


How old do I need to be to apply?
  • We haven't put an age requirement on joining the Chernarus Ambulance Service.
Can I apply if I have been warned or banned previously?
  • You can apply if you have previous punishments in our community, as they differ from departmental. Future punishments in the server/department may affect your department's position. 
Can I reapply if I was previously a part of the department?
  • Yes, If you were a part of the department previously and left, you can reapply as long as you weren't removed.
How do I request assistance?
  • You can request assistance by messaging the department in game via  CTRL+4 or if your character has died, a popup will appear you can request an ambulance to revive you.

Last Edited: 22/06/2024

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